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Don’t stay in the dark

In 2015, of the15M individuals who are suffering from hypertension in France, only 54% are followed on a regular basis, and only half of the treated patients were using a blood pressure monitor when at home. Being unaware of their health conditions, those patients suffer not only from impaired life quality such as fatigue or inadequate sleep but can be affected by potentially fatal complications.

What gets measured gets managed…

Tracking your physical condition is key to understanding your health status. The regular measuring of your weight, heart rate, blood pressure, indoor and outdoor activity, the number of calories burned, you can get a very accurate picture of the health condition and track negative or positive trends. Besides, if you analyze the behaviors related to those patterns, you can adopt a better lifestyle and prevent habits that potentially have severe consequences.

…and gets improved

By analyzing those trends and the underlying behaviors, you can better understand how your life habits impact your health, and you can choose between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ behaviors, always fully aware of the importance of those behaviors.

Sharing is caring

What is important is not to keep this insight for yourself, but to share it not only with the caregivers to help them improve their recommendations and treatments, but also eventually with family and acquaintance to reassure them on your condition.

What is Caracal?

Caracal is a new integrated solution designed for the wellbeing of individuals, for their better aging and the better treatment of chronic pathologies like high blood pressure.

Caracal offers to individuals the easy tracking of their activity, blood pressure, weight, with goal setting, and can share this information with caregivers (physicians, nurses, family).

This information is essential for the prevention and better treatment of chronic conditions like hypertension.

Caracal enables a close interaction with care givers on the discretion of the individual while ensuring highest standards of patient data security and privacy.

How does Caracal work?


Wellness and health
data monitoring


Information shared with
caregivers and family


Life and sport coaches

A package adapted to your needs


The Health Package is meant to deliver the hardware and all the services for the self-measurement of blood pressure, weight, activity, heart rate, calories burn, as well as analyze the data and signals captured with the system.


The Serenity Package includes the Health Package, enhanced with the service to allow to share the analysis with caregivers -pharmacists, physicians, nurses- and family, in a totally secure and confidential way.


The Care Package is a premium offer that includes both the Health and Serenity packages, enhanced with the preferred access to a desk of coaches for advice and counseling to adopt better life habits, in nutrition, fitness, and sport, that are essential to your wellbeing.

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